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Luis Beltrán

Luis Beltrán tells the stories of his daydreams through his latest body of digital print photographs. These quietly seductive works hold a deep and moving quality of innocent desire. Figures appear at the ends of alleys, above cityscapes, and up trees; they draw you towards them, making the eye chase its new companion. Beltrán’s photos produce a dreamlike sensation, the product of their deeply saturated, yet muted, coloration. While objects around the periphery of the central image maintain a luscious intensity with their dark shadows and full mid-tones, the focus shifts as the eyes finds a hazy subconscious perspective. The figures which are central to this misty state call feelingly to the viewer. Beltrán has created a world that captures a sense of the ‘other,’ and speaks to the mind’s natural curiosity. His photos call to a place within us all and echo the inner child’s adventurous and courageous nature.


Luis Beltrán was born in Spain and still lives there, in Valencia.



Galería Mediadvanced Gijón. September 2009.

Primera Impresión. Valencia. September 2009.

Galería O+O. Valencia. September 2009.

Ultravioleta. Madrid. September 2010.

Agora Gallery. New York. April 2011.

Galería Mediadvanced. Gijón. September 2011.

Invited Artist Fotocreativa. San José. Costa Rica. September 2011.

Festifoto. Villa de Canals. October, 2012.

Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño. Bogotá. Colombia. May 2013.


Art Fairs:


ESTAMPA. Feria internacional del Arte Múltiple Contemporáneo. Madrid, October 2009.

Casa//Arte. Madrid, December 2012.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. London, June 2013.




Agora Gallery. New York.

Blanca Berlin. Madrid.

EspacioFoto. Madrid.

Mediadvanced. Gijón.

Galería O+O. Valencia.




Donwton Gallery International Art & Culture. California. April 2009.
Art Notes. November 2009.
Impracabeza Magazine. January 2010.

Libro Exilio. Fotógrafos Artísticos. June 2010.
Photographer of the Month. Soura Magazine Dubai. December 2010.
Revista La Fotografía. February 2011.

Spanish Art Book Compilation. May 2012.



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